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Teams of Oblate Mission workers have Parish Mission Centres in various areas of Northwest Canada. The Canadian Arctic has changed over the years. Vast distances, isolation, high cost of living, intense cold, language and closeness to the land remain. Growing problems have arisen with alcohol, drugs and violence. It is impressive to observe the sincerity of the missionaries – the depth of their faith and courage – their patience to work in what is sometimes a very difficult situation, offering hope and solidarity. Our Lady Queen of Peace Foundation has been supporting the Oblate Parish Missions since 2005, specifically the seven Parish Missions in the North West Territories of Canada.

The Oblate missionaries provide leadership, spiritual guidance and a sense of community for local communities, working with the parish; they focus on music, continuing faith and education of the native youth.

For more information on the Oblate Parish Missions, please visit their webpage at www.omilacombe.ca.