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Projects - Mexico

The founders of the Our Lady Queen of Peace Foundation (Canada) Inc. were first introduced to Mexico through a Catholic teacher in Calgary – Father Lawrence Moran. In 1989 they were first invited to Mexico by Father Moran to see the devastation and poverty that was there. The founders first sponsored a family, and through the friends and contacts they met in Mexico became acquainted with Bishop Castro Alejo. Bishop Alejo headed up the Diocese of Tlapa which was located in the poorest state of Mexico. Through Father Moran and Bishop Alejo the following projects were born.


In the town of Tlapa located in Guerra State, many children have been orphaned due to illness, murder and disease. The sons usually can find homes with relatives, but the young girls are left to fend on their own. Bishop Alejo had asked the foundation to help in constructing a home where young girls could go be safe, learn and prosper.

Human Rights Center - Tlachinollan

Tlachinollan, is a center where the indigenous people of Guerra State can go and seek legal advise, obtain funds to go to another city to find work and find support in any area where the poor need help.

Community Center - Los Reyes and San Jose

Father Moran was instrumental in bringing the foundation to these two communities. The community centers have been key in bringing the community together. These communities are located in very remote areas so the people need to rely on each other to get through the rough times. These centers allow the community to come together as one and improve their surroundings.

Water Station - San Jose

San Jose is one of the most remote areas the Foundations supports. In order to get to San Jose you need to travel on a road that has never been maintained. At points you are crossing river beds and going over large boulders. The people of this mountain top village had to travel by foot 1 mile down the mountain and again back up to get their water. By bringing in power and water, the community is now able to grow crops to live and prosper.

Major Seminary

The Major Seminary had started out as a small Minor Seminary where young men could go and take basic studies in order to decide whether they wish to enter the priesthood. This education facility which began in 2004 grew into a Major Seminary where these young men can come from all over Mexico to learn. This has brought jobs to the area as the Seminary is large and needs people to run it. Our Lady Queen of Peace Foundation is pleased to announce that the first class of seminary students graduate on June 26, 2009.

Other Projects

Besides the construction of the projects listed above, the Foundation to this day sends funds to various areas in order to help the poor. Bishop Alejo who is now in Chilpancingo, Bishop Roberto who now runs the Dioceses of Tlapa, the Seminary and an Operating Fund are all used to help the poor. Funds are used to give them money for the bus, buy food, clothing and aid others who are working with the poor in Mexico.